Online Casino In Italian

Since 1996 we are the Italian Casino which paid the most. You’ll find over 60 games with 3D graphics to enjoy the thrill of the game like you’re in Venice casino or Mentecarlo.

To play you just have to download our FREE software on your computer.

The software is not a connection software to a toll number but an application to load games directly on your computer.

It costs nothing to an account at our casino. You only need to purchase chips (chips) by a specified amount from you, just like at the Casino in Monte Carlo, San Remo, Las Vegas and Venice.

You can cash out the chips you have in exchange for money at any time. You will be paid the amount on the credit card and / or an international check in the bank or the post office.

You have an option to play off-line for plain fun with fake chips (chips ZERO).

The game is equally fun and exciting.

Enters in the 3D environment where you can learn in any real money!

To purchase the tokens true, you can use a credit card VISA / MASTER CARD , a postal check or bank, a bank transfer, or Western Union.

I find more details within the software.

They are very simple payment systems that will allow you to play as soon as possible with REAL MONEY … and WIN!

Winnings are added in the same way, or through secure transactions “eCash Systems” or send check to the address indicated by you, of course, you choose!